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Sport for Pre-schoolers


Taught and Bowled is offering a Sports Program for kindergartens, pre-schools, early learning centres and child/community care centres which is delivered at your facility. 


The Sports Program is designed specifically for children aged 2-4 years old and focuses on teaching fundamental motor skills as well as listening to instructions and teamwork.


Skills that are developed during the program include: 

  • Locomotor - running, jumping, hopping, galloping, rolling, leading and dodging.
  • Manipulative - throwing, catching, kicking, striking and trapping.
  • Stability - balance, twisting, turning and bending.


The program will be delivered by experienced staff, with all equipment supplied. All your organisation needs to provide is a space to run the program. This can be an outdoor area (ideally grassed, but asphalt is OK) or an indoor area. The amount of space required is approximately the size of a tennis court, however programs can be modified to fit almost any space.



  • 4 or 8 week program blocks
  • 3 or 4 x 30 minute sessions, delivered back-to-back
  • $45 per 30 minutes
  • Age Groups
    • 2 year olds - 10-12 participants only + 1 teacher to assist with supervision
    • 3 year olds - 10-16 participants only + 1 teacher to assist with supervision
    • 4 year olds - 14-20 participants only + 1 teacher to assist with supervision
  • PLEASE NOTE - extended program blocks are available as well as more than 4 sessions delivered on one day if required.

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